NECK & NECK: The Gift-Worthy Necklace from Gone Girl

Pyrrha necklaceScarlett Johansson. Jennifer Lawrence. Taylor Swift.

Don’t mind us, just listing a few of our favorite blondes…

But also, those three (plus many other attractive famous people) have been spotted in the wild wearing Pyrrha necklaces, which have quickly become a favorite among celebrities and costume designers alike. You’ll even see the Pyrrha Integrity Talisman Necklace adorning Margo Dunne (Carrie Coon) in the recently-released film, Gone Girl. And we’ve got to say, it looks pretty damn good on her.

Based in Vancouver—and sporting a retail shop in West Hollywood—Pyrrha is run by jewelry designers Wade Papin and Danielle Wilmore. And they’ve really made a name for themselves with their collection of talisman necklaces.

Each piece is handcrafted from reclaimed sterling silver or bronze using the traditional method of lost wax casting. The wax casts date back to the 18th and 19th century, and unlike the perfectly-smooth pendants churned out by machines, the Pyrrha necklaces show the original cracks in the antique wax seals for added authenticity.

Point is, these are some extra nice neck decorations. And because each one is handmade, you’re getting a unique piece of art, like a little silver snowflake. We’re betting you know someone—hey, maybe even multiple someones—who’d appreciate that in their stocking.

Like we said, ScarJo’s a fan.