KICKS OFF: The Most Popular Retro Nikes From Film

If you want to produce a successful movie these days, the formula’s simple:

1. Cast a handsome male lead.
2. Put him in some retro Nikes.

As least that’s how it seems. To see what we mean, check below for a five-pack of dapper Nikes featured on film.

Nikes in NeighborsThe Movie: Neighbors
Seen On: Teddy Sanders played by Zac Efron
The Shoe: Nike Blazer Mid LR. Though they were basketball mainstays of the 1970s, today the Blazer Mid LR is a streetwear classic. Seen here in black, gold and white and paired with jeans and a casual shirt, these ankle-hugging sneakers really tie the room together.
Nike Need for SpeedThe Movie: Need for Speed
Seen On: Tobey Marshall played by Aaron Paul
The Shoe: Nike Pre Montreal Racer. Another 70s-era shoe—but this one a favorite of track athletes—the Nike Pre Montreal Racer has regained its popularity as a casual throwback. But in the event you do need to, say, run somewhere, the breathable upper and durable rubber outsole will ensure you get there quickly.
Nike Dunks in The Fault in Our StarsThe Movie: The Fault in Our Stars
Seen On: Augustus Waters played by Ansel Elgort
The Shoe: Nike Dunk High. With the same iconic style and color schemes that made it popular in the 80s, the Nike Dunk High is a statement-making shoe. You can even customize the design online to your exact specifications, making your pair unique like some kind of synthetic leather snowflake.
Nike Air Flight Falcon in Brick HouseThe Movie: Brick Mansions
Seen On: Lino played by David Belle
The Shoe: Nike Air Flight Falcon. This retro-inspired basketball shoe’s got a leather upper and a perforated toe box, which are two keys to performing the elaborate, undoubtedly dangerous parkour stunts you’ll see in this movie. Pretty sure that’s right. But also, they just look nice.
Air Force Ones in KingsmanThe Movie: Kingsman: The Secret Service
Seen On: Gary “Eggsy” Unwin payed by Taron Egerton
The Shoe: Nike Air Force One Low. Flash back to 1982, and the Air Force 1 was all the rage, adorning the feet of many an NBA basketballer. Then, it was known for its Nike Air technology and cushy midsole, and today: much of the same. Except now it’s less common on courts and more common on the street. Go with the classic white-on-white like you see here, or really make it yours with a string of custom design and color options.

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