THE RECAP: October is in the Books. Here’s What Happened.

Runaway wives.

Creepy board games.

A very angry Keanu.

Yep, you saw some things in October. And before it’s over we’re highllighting everything that you really cared about this month. (Like how to make you’re own Shaggin’ Wagon.) See below.

MOST POPULAR FOR HIM: The Handsome Shades in The Judge

The Product: Paul Smith Yorkshire Sunglasses (Close Match), The Movie: The JudgeKnow this brand? Suggest an exact match here.

MOST POPULAR FOR HER: The Statement Jacket from Addicted

The Product: Karen Miller Statement Coat (Exact Match), The Movie: Addicted

MOST POPULAR SPOT: Rooftop Season Never Ends at The James

The Spot: The James Hotel, The Movie: The Other Woman

MOST READ STORY: 25 Halloween Costumes from Film

The Article: TheTake’s 25 Halloween Costume Ideas from Movies

NOVEMBER PREDICTION #1: You Get the Urge to Make It Rain

Horrible Bosses 2 Hits Theaters 11.28.2014

NOVEMBER PREDICTION #2: Harry & Lloyd Have a Moment

Dumb and Dumber To Hits Theaters 11.14.2014

The Coat from Interstellar is Blanket Lined & Weathered

John Wick’s 1969 Mustang is Perfect for Doing Donuts

A Black Submariner Rolex for Your Million Dollar Arm

The Heels from Addicted are First Date Worthy

About that Water Park from Blended in South Africa

The  Motorcycle Sweater in Ouija Isn’t Haunted