BACKPACKERS: A Guide to One-Strapping Your Backpack by 21 Jump Street

School is back and that means one thing – backpack season is here. So here’s some advice on how to wear your bag from the guys in 21 Jump Street.

THE MOVIE: 21 Jump Street (2012)
Jenko: What are you doing?
Schmidt: What? What are you talking about?
Jenko: Are you two strapping?
Schmidt: My backpack? Yeah.
Jenko: I gotta be seen with you. You gotta one strap it. Seriously, I’d have no strap if that would even be possible.
Schmidt: Okay, what makes you the expert?
Jenko: I was uh…cooler in high school than you were.
Schmidt: Okay, that makes sense. Continue.
WHAT TO WATCH FOR:  The Jansport backpacks. Schmidt’s s short sleeve button down with checks. Jenko’s purple cutoff hoodie And their not so smooth stroll into high school on the first day of school.