LOCATION OF THE WEEK: Where Churchill Was Born & Cinderella Hangs Out

Cinderella Blenheim PalaceEveryone knows the story of Cinderella.

A lovely girl. Some not so lovely stepmother and stepsisters.  She travels by magic pumpkin carriage.  Prince Charming checks her out at a ball. Some glass slippers drama happens. And boom, happily ever after.

It’s a nice story, and the new movie is sporting a stellar cast of Downtown Abbey and Game of Thrones alums.

But all that aside, get a load of this palace…

Blenheim Palace Cinderella

The opulent abode where Cinderella turns heads and subsequently loses a shoe is called Blenheim Palace. It’s a World Heritage site, and the 18th Century Baroque architectural masterpiece currently houses the 12th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough. It was even the birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, a smooth-talking, martini-swilling gentleman who also dabbled in politics.

Blenheim Palace Cinderella Grounds

All that makes it a fine stop if you’re ever in Woodstock. And while there, you can tour the grounds of the stately palace, including in the sprawling park, gardens and water terraces. Once inside, take a guided tour of the Great Hall and the state rooms, and check out the Churchill Exhibition, which celebrates the life and times of Britain’s most famous Prime Minister.

Blenheim Palace Dining Room Cinderella

And if you’re hungry, the palace is sporting everything from a Champagne bar and tearoom to the fine-dining Orangery and its three-course Sunday lunches.


All that ought to keep you busy for awhile. But if you’ve got energy left for a jaunt through a maze, well, there is one. It’s called the Marlborough Maze, and it’s the world’s second largest symbolic hedge maze. So now you know. Anyway, good luck in there.

Better pack some trail mix.

Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX20 1PP, UK