POWER SUITING: 3 White Blazers Fit for Pepper Potts

It takes a special piece of clothing to crack your power lunching wardrobe.

Being bold: a must. Having a touch of elegance: that helps. Catching the eye of a handsome superhero: Okay, that seals the deal. In honor of Pepper Pots’ (Gwyneth Paltrow) scene-stealing white blazer in Iron Man 3, we have broken down our three favorite white jackets.  Consider them secret weapons, well, business casual secret weapons.

Iron Man 3 Pepper Potts White Blazer

1. THE SKINNY BLAZER | Dolce & Gabbana Pocket Blazer, $697

This style is composed of linen and stretch cotton. In other words, it will fit snug, giving you a very feminine silhouette, but still allow you to move freely, in case you need to come to the aid of a superhero. (Or a colleague that resembles Bob Downey Jr.).

2. THE SEDUCTIVE BLAZER | Burberry Tailored Crepe Jersey Jacket, $695

Nothing says power blazer like structured shoulders. Just as the one Gwyneth wears, this gives a nod to the ‘80s while maintaining a thoroughly modern shape. A lone button means it’s quite low cut. Wear it with nothing underneath. Wear it anywhere but the office.

3. THE VERSATILE BLAZER | Emporio Armani Blazer, $313

A crisp, clean, classic jacket. Nice juxtaposition with the gritty, shrapnel filled film. The style is no nonsense, but unexpected in pure white. It will take you from the boardroom to your boyfriend’s wine soiree.  Your blazer’s nemesis: a glass of malbec.

By: Carly Pifer