LOOK AHEAD: TheTake Gives 15 Bold Predictions for 2015


It’s right around the corner.  And it’s filled with Avengers, a Terminator, lightsabers and some pretty angry dinosaurs.

With all these blockbusters on the horizon, someone has to make a few predictions on the big issues, like what’s the new vodka in 007’s martini.  Below, 15 bold predictions for 2015.

o-JAMES-BOND-SPECTRE-5701. You get the urge to drink a Belvedere martini (shaken), drive an Aston Martin and find secret agent jobs on Linkedin.
blake-lively2. Blake Lively makes a move for the most popular actress on TheTake. (Watch out Miss Diaz.)
chris-hemsworth-blackhat-movie3. Hacker Chic becomes a thing. Coders should start thanking the sexiest man alive.
jurassic-world4. The return of the remake. Mad Max, Cinderella, Entourage and Jurassic World. Get excited.
PitchPerfect25. Pitch Perfect 2 makes you want to buy Anna Kendrick’s pajamas and finally learn that cup song.
Star Wars Episode6. Star Wars Episode VII lives up to the hype. A new generation of Star Wars fans are born.
Fifty Shades Of Grey7. Blindfolds and “adventurous” toys have an uptick in sales.  We can thank Fifty Shades of Grey on Valentine’s Day for this economic boom. #safewords
Avengers8. The Golden Age of Super Heroes continues.
Iron Man 39. But this is the last time we see Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man.
Kingsman Colin Firth10. There’s a British secret agent giving you suit tips. And it’s not 007.
taken_3_movie11. 2015 = The year of the unexpected sequel: Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, Ted 2, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and Taken 3.
Focus movie12. Margot Robbie’s bikini and Will Smith’s abs will gross $10M each.
The boy next door13. J-Lo makes you want to show a little shoulder.
eddie-redmayne14. Eddie Redmayne becomes a household name. (Yes, the guy in “The Theory of Everything”.)
Leonardo DiCaprio15. Leo gets back to work.  Somewhere in the South of France a lingerie model just got sad.