FORMAL ATTIRE: 20 Prom Scenes from Film and TV (and the Dating Tips We Can Learn From Them)

For many High Schoolers, Prom Night is right around the corner.  Before you pick up your corsages and hit up the hair salon, check out our list of 20 Prom Scenes from Film and TV.

Prom is an important rite of passage for every teenager.

If you play your cards right, it can be the night of your life.  Play your cards wrong, and…..well let’s just say things can turn real bad real quick.

To make sure the Big Night goes as smoothly as possible, check out these 20 prom scenes from Film and TV, and the dating tips you should take away from them.


1. Pretty in Pink (1986)

Dating Tip: You don’t need a lot of money for a show-stopping prom dress.  Look at how Andie did it: all she needed was some pink thrift store fabric and a sewing machine, and Blane is left speechless as soon as she walks in the room.


2. Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Dating Tip: Always be quick with a compliment.  Nothing melts a girl’s heart faster than a line like “I like your sleeves. They’re real big.”


3. 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Dating Tip: Defend your date’s honor at all cost.  When Joey insults Bianca’s date Cameron, she wastes no time with a double punch to his face.  If you can work in a knee the groin, we recommend it.


4. Teen Wolf (1985)

Dating Tip: Don’t forget to shave.  No one likes someone who shows up for a prom date with patchy mustaches and stubbly beards.  And if you’re a wolf, a full body shampoo couldn’t hurt.


5. American Pie (1999)

American Pie Prom

Dating Tip: Keep your enthusiasm level high.  Prom is a long night, so treat it like a marathon, not a sprint.  If you feel your energy level draining halfway through the evening, try hitting up the punch bowl.  It could be spiked with something that’ll pep you up.  If not…well it’s still sugary so it’ll help.


6. Mean Girls (2004)

Dating Tip: Write a speech before hand.  Don’t sell yourself short – you have as much of a chance of being crowned Prom King or Prom Queen as anyone (or in this case, Homecoming Queen – close enough).  Don’t pull a Cady and just wing it.  Be sure to come prepared with witty jokes and some poignant wisdom…just keep it under 30 seconds or you’ll lose the crowd.


7. Back to the Future (1985)

Dating Tip: When possible, impress your date with a guitar solo.  If you happen to know any songs that won’t be released for another 30 years, even better.


8. She’s All That (1999)

Dating Tip: Prepare an organized dance beforehand.  No one likes naturally gifted performers who can make up complex dance moves on the fly.  If you want to really impress your date, come ready with a large scale group dance routine.


9. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Dating Tip: Don’t take pills from unmarked bottles.  This is great advice not just for prom, but for life as well.  And if you do make this mistake, just be sure to drink lots of water.


10. Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

Dating Tip: Embrace your archetype. Are you the Jock with a Heart of Gold? The Queen Bee? The Nerd-turned-Hot-Chick? The Girl into Her Own Brother?  Whatever it is, just own it.


11. Pretty Little Liars

Dating Tip: A prom held by your psychotic stalker is not a real prom and you should not attend.  Yes, everyone always tells you that prom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you shouldn’t miss out on.  But, if you’ve spent the last several years being harassed by a mysterious lunatic who also happens to be put in charge of the party planning committee, it’s probably best you stay home that night.


12. Grease (1978)

Dating Tip: “Cutting in” is a thing of the past, and you shouldn’t allow it.  If someone tries to steal away your dance partner, tell them to take a hike.


13. That 70’s Show

Dating Tip: You’ll survive.  Just remember, no matter what happens – whether your date walks out on you or you don’t even have a date to begin with – you’ll find a way to survive the night.


14. Gossip Girl

Dating Tip: Don’t be afraid to rig the voting for Prom Queen in order to make the girl you like feel good about herself.  Really guys, this just goes without saying.


15. Twilight (2008)

Dating Tip: Don’t bite your date.  Even if they ask you to – and especially if they don’t – prom just isn’t the right venue for such activities.


16. Friends

Dating Tip: There’s no shame in being the back-up date.  If, say, some jock named Chip leaves his date hanging, feel free to jump in there and take his place.  Even if you’re not technically in high school anymore.


17. Footloose (1984)

Dating Tip: Be ready for your solo.  At every prom, a dance circle will inevitably form, and you don’t want to embarrass your date by choking when the time comes for you to do the electric worm.


18. Parks and Recreation

Dating Tip: If you’re a married couple in your 30’s looking to recapture the spark of your youth, crashing a high school prom is a great place to start.  Bonus points if you can get elected as Prom King and Queen and rule the school.


19. The Duff (2015)

Dating Tip: Prom is a great venue for both breaking up and hooking up.  Just remember, the person you came to prom with doesn’t have to be the person you leave with.


20. Carrie (1976)

Dating Tip: Do not dump pig’s blood on your date in front of the whole school, especially if she has deadly telekinetic powers.  And if you see such a prank forming, vacate the area.  Quickly.