THE FACTS: 5 Things We Learned from Scream Queens Episode 3

We Nail Down 5 Cold Hard Facts from Scream Queens Episode 3, ‘Chainsaw’.  In other words, “If You Don’t Know, Now You Know.”  

There are a million unknowns after watching Scream Queens Episode 3, Chainsaw.

Exactly how many red devils are there?

Where in the world is Boone?

#2’s Instagram account is active?!

The questions are plenty. But we’re here to report on what we know after the “Chainsaw” epsiode. And we’re 100% sure about the following 5 things.

Warning: one involves a spoiler (and the Backstreet Boys.)

#1 No unicorns were harmed in the making of Chanel #3’s furry rainbow crop.

scream queens episode three chanel #4 rainbow fur

#2 Mrs. Herfmann’s cat eye sunnies are totally mommy-chic.  Meow!

chanel #2 mom cat eye sunglasses

#3 Chad has inspired the sweater cape comeback (thanks, Chad!).

chad sweater cape comeback

#4 [Spoiler Alert] The new golden rule of gory murder scenes is simple: play Backstreet Boys while you chainsaw your victims and it really doesn’t seem that heartless.

red devil strikes to the tune of backstreet boys

#5 Oh, we almost forgot – there’s a new Chanel at KKT and she’s got the most fahhhbulous white fur cufflettes.  Hello #6!

introducing chanel #6

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