CHANEL-O-WEEN: 7 Things You’ll Want from Scream Queens Episode 4

 Chanel-O-Ween Gave You a Rotting Pumpkin, and We’re Giving You 7 Reasons to Sleep With the Lights On.

If you’re making a Halloween wish list, be sure to send it to Chanel Oberlin.

Especially if all you’ve ever wanted is a severed head.  She’s coming to a city near YOU (but only if you follow her on Instagram…and love her…and tell her that…a lot).  Happy Chanel-O-Ween!

Meanwhile, things are getting scary (x’s 100) for the students of Wallace University – did we mention Miss Bean is back?

 So put down your Hot Pockets, along with Chanel’s 752 Instagram followers, and fear this:

#1 Stalkers, stalkers are no fun; stalkers, stalkers…carve your face into a pumpkin.  You’ve been warned, Chad.

hesters pumpkin carving Chad

#2 When you call 911 from a haunted house, you disappear.  (Bye Zayday!)

zayday haunted house 911 call


#3 You might think it’s a wax replica of Miss Bean’s dead body – BUT IT’S MISS BEAN’S DEAD BODY IRL.

hester miss bean haunted house

#4 Chanel has her own set of knives (and knows how to sharpen them).

chanel sharp knives

#5 Mess with a pack of hungry girls?  Get a gang fight.  Especially post-cotton ball binge.

the chanels fight cafeteria

#6 The tides may be turning on KKT’s Queen B (which is ill-advised).  Watch your backs, pledges.

pledges pumpkin carving

#7 Chad Radwell + alone in a graveyard = Ew.  Run.

chad radwell graveyard

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