PUMPKIN PATCH: In Scream Queens Episode 5, We Hear Chanel Oberlin’s Swan Song. Or Is It?

Will Episode 5 Send the Top Scream Queen Packing?  Chanel Oberlin is MAJ Depressed, and We’re Telling All.

She is fresh off the heels of a very successful Chanel-O-Ween.

The biggest threat to her throne at KKT has been locked away by the Red Devil.

She’s still prancing around her marble hallways in head-to-toe ostrich feathers.

So why is Chanel Oberlin such a sad sack?

#1 Her “husband was shot in Dallas, idiot.”

chanel jackie o costume

#2 Her party planner TOTALLY doesn’t get the importance of Black Hairy Tongue Disease.  Raise awareness.

the chanels party planning

#3 She hires someone to take math tests for her.  Is that so wrong?  (SPOILER ALERT: It is.)

chanel cheats on her tests

#4 Her mains are totally abandoning her – even candle girl.  Yes, even her.

kkt stare down chanel arrested

#5 Don’t worry.  It’s not all bad for Chanel.  Her Missoni turban is seriously amazing.

chanel missoni turban

#6 But now she’s in the clink and she can’t wear Missoni.  She has to wear ORANGE!  This is so bad.


chanel in jail

#7 But then we see the greatest jail departure of all time, and we remember:

chanel walks out of jail

Chanel Oberlin is above the law.

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