MID-SEASON RECAP: The Cure for the Common Scream Queens Addict

You Just Survived a Week Without Scream Queens, but That Doesn’t Mean it Didn’t Hurt.  Here’s a Mid-Season Recap to Take Away the Pain

Did the World Series put a total damper on your Scream Queens flow?  Here’s the magic pill.

For the Scream Queens Junkie: this is a little reminder of the greatness.  Fashion.  Mystery.  A Shirtless Nick Jonas.  You’re more than welcome.

For the First-Timer: if you’ve never seen an episode, here’s what you’ve missed.

Once upon a time in the 90’s, a little someone named “bathtub baby” was born during a super fun soro rager.  Talk about the ultimate party foul!

scream queens bathtub baby

As you can imagine, it wasn’t well-received by the sisters of KKT.

bathtub baby scream queens

Now it’s 2015 and there’s still some bad blood…

scream queens kappa will die

There’s a Red Devil seeking revenge and it is killing…like…everyone.

red devil scream queens


But Queen Bee  Chanel Oberlin DGAF.

chanel removes sunglasses

And neither do her minions (Chanel #2, #3 and #5).

chanels of scream queens

However, that attitude didn’t get Chanel #2 anywhere but dead.

ariana grande red devil

Ho hum…the Chanels still weren’t bothered.  They replaced her with a new Chanel.  Problem solved.

hester ulrich scream queens

But not everyone can be a Chanel.  This year’s pledge class is a bit…eclectic.

scream queens pledge class kkt

Pledge Grace comes with a strong determination to rid KKT of the Red Devil’s wrath.

grace red devil scream queens

And Zayday wants liberty from Chanel for all!

zayday scream queens

But now we’ve gotten off track.  The question is this: WHO IS THE RED DEVIL?

Is it Chad?

chad radwell letter

Possibly a Gigi and Dean Munch Tag Team?

dean munch gigi scream queens

What about Grace’s father who happens to be obsessed with horror movies???

grace's dad scream queens

We don’t know when (if ever) we’ll find out…

red devil chanel

But if waiting longer means there’s a possibility of a Nick Jonas comeback, we’ve got all day.

nick jonas scream queens

(We could ask you the same thing, Nick)


Do you want all the outfits you see on Scream Queens?  We’ve got you covered (in fur).  Get it here.