ODD FUTURE: About Seth Rogen’s Clever Shirts in Neighbors

There’s a time and a place for your perfectly-tailored tuxedo. A backyard barbecue, a tailgate, a casual evening out with friends…. are not three examples of such times and places. So for those occasions, you’ll want to enlist something a little less black-tie and a little more t-shirt.

Clearly, this is a job for Seth Rogen, that cultural paragon of not dressing up. And in his recent movie, Neighbors, he’s outfitted with some compelling everyday wear from Odd Future, that LA-based rap collective (and webstore) led by Tyler the Creator. Let’s take a look.


Odd Future Hat
The Hat: It’s a navy, cotton twill hat with a couple of dolphins lovingly embroidered on the front. They’re roughly in the shape of a heart, which works nicely if you’re a dolphin conservationist. Or a Miami football fan.
Odd Future Cat ShirtThe Cat Shirt: This white, 100% cotton cat/watermelon number makes an appearance, too. It’s a real conversation starter and a visual upgrade over the typical white t-shirt.
Odd Future Navy ShirtThe Pizza Shirt: Rogen also dons this limited run, navy blue t-shirt. Notice the rocket, the pizza, the drama mask. Another fine example of the random, fun aesthetic employed by the guys at Odd Future.

And throughout the movie, Rogen manages to see clearly with his trusty Ray Ban glasses. The classic RX5228 model with a brown gradient frame is a tried-and-true shape and color combo that goes swimmingly with the casual lineup he’s sporting.

So there you go. Some casual inspiration courtesy of that guy with the funny laugh.

And we’re not saying that dressing in such items will make Rose Byrne fall for you.

But we’re not not saying that either.

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