LOCATION OF THE WEEK: A Date Spot Juggernaut in Boston. Just ask Mila Kunis.

Sometimes you need a date spot.

And sometimes you need a can’t-miss, special occasion date spot that’s so perfect it’s hardly even fair.

Sorellina in Boston is exactly that kind of spot, and it’s been serving up delicious pastas, filets and fish (plus a few marriage proposals) since 2006.

So it’s no wonder Mark Wahlberg took Mila Kunis there for their anniversary. In Ted, that movie wherein Wahlberg’s character is best friends with a stuffed bear who came to life via the magic of wishing upon a star.

But back to the restaurant. If you’re in Boston (or don’t mind flying, driving or otherwise traveling for a good plate of gnocchi and lobster) go to Sorellina. Because inside you’ll find a stunning room of white tablecloths, soft leather and floor-to-ceiling windows. A menu that’s all classic-modern Italian. And a wine list that could keep you occupied for weeks.

All that equals a place that’s ideal for impressing the hell out of a first date, celebrating a special occasion or planning to ask someone a very important question.

Like: “you wanna go halfsies on this tiramisu?”

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Sorellina, 1 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02116, 617-412-4600