SPRING CLEANING: 5 Movie Mansions You Should Call Home

Spring Cleaning.

The yellow gloves. The bottles of bleach. The hours you put in dusting when you could just say to hell with it all and find a brand, spanking new home.

Preferably a humble residence where a princess or a handsome Vampire laid their head at night. Below, 5 movie homes you should take off the market right now.

#1 Move into a $60M Ranch Like the Guys in ‘Entourage’

Hummingbird Next Ranch Entourage
Your New Address: 2940 Kuehner Dr, Santa Susana, CA 93063, Movie: Entourage

#2 A Palace Fit for a Princess (or You and Your Puppy)

Your New Address: Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX20 1PP, UK, Movie: Cinderella

#3 The $6M Pad in ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ is Great for Playing Marco Polo

House in Crazy Stupid Love
Your New Address: 8520 Skyline Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90046, Movie: Crazy Stupid Love

#4 Hideout in Oregon Like a Vampire (or a Normal Human)

Your New Address: 413 Southwest 13th Ave., Portland, OR 97205, Movie: Twilight

#5 Pulp Fiction. Mia Wallace’s LA Bungalow. $5.8M. Do It.

Your New Address: 1541 Summitridge Dr., Beverly Hills, CA, Movie: Pulp Fiction