GHOST STORIES: Scream Queens Episode 9 Requires a Flashlight

Grab a Flashlight, Gather ‘Round.  The Scream Queens are Telling Ghost Stories and We’ve Got All the Gory Details.

What’s the best way to calm your fears of another Red Devil attack?

A ghost story spill sesh, hosted by Denise Hemphill.  Duh.

Not only did she scare the pearls off the Chanels, she bravely survived a dance with the Devil in a bathroom stall.  Way to stay alive, D.

Here’s what else…

Boone is THROUGH with hiding.  He’s appearing all over campus, and this is his tagline:

boone as a ghost

Chanel #3 totally bought it.

chanel #3 sees boone's ghost

And Chad didn’t even flinch.  He welcomed the ghost of dead Boone – no questions asked.

chad and boone reunited

So since his front was playing well among campus, he showed up with flowers to ask Zayday on a ghost date.

boone asks zayday out in chad's date shirt

Surprise!  These two didn’t buy it.  Boone’s jig was up.

grace and zayday don't buy boone's lies

But then his Red Devil sister stabbed him to death, so we guess it really doesn’t matter.  Btw – who IS this chick?  She’s ruthless.

boone red devil and gigi meet

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Denise Hemphill is telling ghost stories and still looking fab to death.

denise hemphill tells ghost stories

And Hester (as creepy as ever) decides to lie about being pregnant with Chad’s baby.

hester loves ghost stories

WELL, you can imagine how Chanel took the news.

hester tells chanel she's pregnant with chad's baby

And just as quickly as she brought #6 into this world…

chanel introduces #6

…she pushed her out.  Unapologetically.

chanel kills hester


We may have seen the end of #6’s signature cufflettes, but there’s SO MUCH MORE and you can find it here!