SWEATER ICONS: The Dude (and 14 Others)

Let’s play the name association game.

Here we go.

Football Players: Heisman Trophy

Actors: Oscar

Musicians: Grammy

Sweaters: . . .

Yeah, sweaters get no praise.  Until now.  Presenting, the top 15 men’s sweaters in movie history.

Daniel Craig's Movie Sweater

15. Daniel Craig’s cardigan from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

John Belushi's Movie Sweater

14. The John Belushi “College” sweater in Animal House

Great Gatsby Sweater

13. Leo’s crew neck sweater in The Great Gatsby

Hoodie from the Social Network

12. The Social Network: The hoodie (it’s in the sweater family)

Zoolander Movie Sweater

11. Will Ferrell’s Mugatu turtleneck in Zoolander

Jailhouse Rock Movie Sweater

10. Elvis and his thick turtleneck from Jailhouse Rock

Revenge of the Nerds Movie Sweater

9. Any sweater worn by the Alpha Betas in Revenge of the Nerds

3 Amigos Movie Sweater

8. Sweater from The Three Amigos

There WIll Be Blood Movie Sweater

7. Daniel Day Lewis and his cardigan in There Will be Blood

To Catch A Thief Movie Sweater

6. Cary Grant’s sweater in To Catch a Thief

Bullitt Movie Sweater

5. Steve McQueen’s mock turtleneck in Bullitt

Freddy Krueger Movie Sweater

4. Freddie’s sweater in Nightmare on Elm Street

The Dude's Movie Sweater

3. The Dude’s cardigan in The Big Lebowski

Ferris Beuller Movie Sweater

2. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: The sweater vest

Christmas Vacation Movie Sweater

1. Cousin Eddie’s v-neck in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation



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