THANKSGIVING: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner For Scream Queens Episode 10?

The Scream Queens Celebrate Thanksgiving, and Luckily There Was an Extra Place Setting.  Surprise!  Guess Who Came to Dinner?

The girls have so much to be thankful for this year, no?

At least one of the Red Devils is caput.  (RIP, Boone).

Dean Munch may have put a lid on the operations of Wallace University, but that’s not stopping Kappas from being the Queens of campus.

And Hester is as dead as a doornail…or is she?

The Radwell Thanksgiving table was simply overflowing with surprise guests…

Radwell Thanksgiving table

Like Mr. Radwell, Alan Thicke!

alan thicke mr. radwell

And Chad Michael Murry as Chad’s brother, Brad!

Chad Michael Murry Brad Radwell

But, the biggest surprise of all was the return of Hester!  Thank God for the protection of a diamond-encrusted neck brace.

hester is back

And during a post-dinner game of Charades, the Radwells hurled insults at Hester so intense that even the halls of KKT would shudder…

Charades with the Radwells

And NO ONE insults Hester, except Chanel.  NO ONE.  So Chanel did something she had only pretended to do before…

Chanel and Hester

Apologized to Hester and abandoned any desire to be Mrs. Chad Radwell.

hester thanks chanel

All the while, #3 ventured to her Swinson Family Thanksgiving meal – but the frozen dinner and frozen hearts were just too much to take…

#3 family

So she booked it back to KKT where everyone was already back and playing “Guess the Killer” while they waited on the delicious holiday spread.

thanksgiving at kkt

But just as Chanel uncovered what should have been the Thanksgiving bird…

Chanel sees Gigi's head

Another Red Devil accomplice turned up…cooked.

Gigi's head on a platter


Wow.  Gigi’s 90’s-inspired wardrobe is so over, but Hester’s cufflettes are BACK and here’s where we keep the goods!