PUB OF THE HOUR: An Irish Pub with Liam Neeson and Guinness


Hope you had a good St. Patrick’s Day.

We looked for you out there… wanted to buy you a beer.

But then we just decided to get you an Irish bar instead.

Raise a glass to Mike’s Pub. This bastion of old-school drinking pours pints in Woodhaven, NY to a crowd of friendly, mostly-Irish regulars.

It’s not much to look at. But that’s the appeal. No pesky gentrification here. Just a wooden bar, a pool table, a dart board and a TV with the game on. Well, that plus Guinness. You can’t have an Irish bar without Guinness. You also can’t have an Irish bar that doesn’t claim to pour the best glass of Guinness in town.

So it’s exactly the kind of place where you should pull up a stool the next time you’re looking for a good beer and a good story. Because the guy sitting next to you likely has something interesting to say.

And if you need an ice breaker, just mention that Mike’s Pub makes a cameo in Run All Night, that new movie with Liam Neeson and Ed Harris, in which the former is forced to kill the son of the latter, and in turn must protect his own son from the wrath of said latter, who unleashes the mob in a frenzied night of hitmen and gun shots.

There was probably an easier way to describe that…

Anyway, good bar.