CASTAWAY: An Island Worthy of Your Summer Vacation (Wilson Not Included)

cast-away beachTom Hanks.

Bosom Brother, Mermaid Enthusiast, Deserted Island Aficionado.

He does it all.

And when filming Castaway, Tom and his volleyball spent some quality time on Monuriki Island in the Mamunuca Islands.  You’re down for an island adventure but one with more . . . Swedish massages.  Break out the SPF 15 for Likuliku Lagoon Resort, an immaculate resort that’s a couple islands over from where Castaway was filmed. It’s a stunner and here is what to know:

– You’ll be sleeping in a private straw hut (“bure”) that sits on the water. Sun bath on your personal deck. Watch fish through the glass floor. Order mai tais from your personal butler. Your days will be busy.

– For your evenings, go with the sunset cruise dinner around the island. It’s how your lobster would have wanted to go.

– And for the ultimate retreat, you and your island partner can be dropped off on a private island where you will be the only people there. (So yes, technically you’re the king and queen.) It’s called, wait for it, the Castaway island dropoff.

And we’re 99% sure they’ll pick you back up.



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