LOCATION OF THE WEEK: The Intersection of Burgers, Beers & Cameron Diaz

Stone Street Tavern The Other WomanLet’s see…you’ve got a handsome interior full of exposed bricks and dark wood.

You’ve got a fine patio for enjoying good weather.

And you’ve got a menu sporting a bunch of stuff you like (burgers and craft beers come to mind).

So, yeah, the Financial District’s Stone Street Tavern should do nicely for any after-work hangout sessions or whenever you’re looking to blow off some steam.

Just ask Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. They’re regulars.

Not really, but they do enlist Stone Street Tavern for many cathartic drinks in The Other Woman, that rom-com that finds both ladies (and Kate Upton) involved with the same man. So should an upcoming evening necessitate a dependable locale for some wife/mistress bonding, first: strongly consider your life choices. And then, turn to this place.

Because here you can expect:

-A full bar. Which, in Leslie Mann’s case, means shots.
-Craft beers from the likes of Blue Point and Firestone Walker.
-A cocktail menu sporting stiff gin drinks and jalapeno-spiked tequila.
-A Chardonnay called “the Crusher.”

Yep, all the makings of an unforgettable night out.

Or a literally forgettable one.

For more, check out this Soho brunch spot from The Other Woman.

Stone Street Tavern, 52 Stone St, New York City, NY 10004, 212-785-5658