DEATH BY LOUBOUTIN: Scream Queens Season 1 Wraps In Style

Death by Louboutin?  We Know Who the Red Devil is, and She’s Got Perfect Aim When it Comes to High-End Footwear.

In a sorority house full of designer digs, mostly provided by Uncle Karl, it only makes sense the Red Devil would bring her plan to full completion by stabbing herself in the eye with Chanel’s red Louboutin spikes.  Right?


But WHY?

Here’s the skinny on the Scream Queens Season Finale. (Hint: it’s bloody insane.)

It all started with Pete’s heart-to-heart with Grace.  He was seconds from revealing the killer…

pete tells all

But we weren’t getting it that easy.  The Red Devil showed up and silenced Pete…for good.  Love hurts, Grace.

grace and red devil

Then, Chanel penned an email to her sisters that would make even Regina George squirm.  Surprise!  It was put on blast.  And everyone hated Chanel…even more than usual.

chanel email reputation

On the outside, Chanel handled the scrutiny pretty well.

chanel suck it

In reality, this bad publicity was doing nothing for her journalist #goals – so she hatched a plan to save the day by revealing the killer: Melanie Dorkus.

chanels hatch apology scheme

But during an attempt to stab her to death with a pair of golden scissors, she was stopped by Grace and Zayday screaming, “We know who the killer is, and it’s not Melanie!”


chanel sorry

Grace and Zayday hacked into Dean Munch’s student profiles and realized the killer is one of their own: Hester.

chanel grace zayday hester is the killer


hester neck brace



WELL.  We knew she was weird, but we didn’t know bathtub baby #2 would go to such extreme lengths to get revenge.  Pardon the pun, but stabbing yourself in the eye takes some guts…

hester stabs herself in the eye

…which she promptly blamed on Chanel #5.

chanel #5

In fact, Hester  kept the lies going until each and every Chanel was in cuffs (and we aren’t talking fur).

But it wasn’t so bad. Orange suits them well, no?

scream queens to the clink

Not to mention being institutionalized meant there were no boys to stay skinny for (no more cotton balls!) – and Chanel quickly regained her title as Queen B.

scream queens at the mental institution

As for Hester, she was back at the house for winter rush with Grace and Zayday.  Now she’s off the hook, and happy as a one-eyed clam.

hester eye patch

And no one could bring her down – not even Dean Munch.  With blood on both sets of hands, they declared a truce and promised to kill no more.

hester dean munch truce

But that leaves us with one question?  If Hester is murder free, who was this Red Devil!?

chanel institution red devil

We’re dying for Season 2…

Season 1 is over, but our closets are open 24/7/365!  Want what you see?  Check it out on The Take!