LOCATION OF THE WEEK: Channeling Johnny Depp at LA’s The Standard Hotel

It’s never a bad time to go to Los Angeles.

Of course, that’s provided you’re not opposed to sunshine, nightlife and attractive residents.

If you are, then our apologies. Also, consider getting that checked.

Otherwise, find a reason (any reason) to visit LA. And once you’re there, point directly for The Standard. It’s an eclectic, artsy boutique that’s been sprucing up the Sunset Strip since 1999, but it’s also featured in the new movie, Mortdecai, starring one Johnny Depp. So if you ever wanted to sleep, swim or otherwise consort in the same confines that recently held Edward Scissorhands himself, this is the place to do it.

In Mortdecai, Johnny Depp plays an art dealer who travels to LA in pursuit of a stolen painting. But you needn’t worry about such things on your trip. Instead, turn your focus to:


The Standard RoomsThe Room: Here, the rooms are categorized by words like Large, X-Large and Suite. Booking the latter seems like the right move.
The Standard Cactus LoungeThe Bar: The casual, desert-themed Cactus Lounge is exactly what you need. Assuming you need a relaxing spot to enjoy a pre-dinner drink, a post-dinner drink or some other drink because, hey, vacation.
http://www.standardhotels.com/hollywood/The Pool: Step outside to find bikini-clad guests sunning themselves on the blue astroturf deck, playing ping pong and sipping cocktails. It’s basically a how-to manual on leisure time. Perfect if you’ve left yours at home.

For more movie locations like The Standard in Mortdecai, check out the island from Castaway.  Don’t worry, we found a nearby resort.

The Standard Hotel – 8300 Sunset Boulevard – Hollywood, CA 90069



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