RIDE REPORT: The Top Five Cars in Film Right Now

No offense to horses, rickshaws or your legs…

But cars are just so great at getting you from point A to point B.

And when they look good doing it, well, that’s even better.

So below, we pay homage to five of the best cars you’ll find on TheTake right now.

Wartburg 311 The Man from UNCLE

Movie: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Price: $26,263
Ride: Wartburg 311. Here’s a ride straight out of 1960s Germany. It’s the stylish, two-tone coupe with its iconic rear fender and grill. (To be clear: it’s on the left.)

Audi R8 Coup Furious 7

Movie: Furious 7
Price: $115,900
Car: Audi R8 Coupe – the one on the left.  It’s fast, it’s… furious, and it’s rare, so you’ll avoid that awkward moment of pulling up to the street race starting line with the same car as the next guy.

Aston Martin in Spy

Movie: Spy
Price: $183,700
Car: Aston Martin DB9. With a V-12 that’ll take you from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds, the new DB9 is the most powerful version yet. It looks great, too. But that’s provided you’re going slow enough for someone to actually see you go by.

Ferrari FF in The Counselor

Movie: The Counselor
Price: $295,000
Car: Ferrari FF. In the movie, Cameron Diaz has a cheetah. But you know what’s faster than a cheetah? That’s right: a Ferrari. More cup holders, too.

And So It Goes Mercedes Benz

Movie: And So It Goes
Price: $66,500
Ride: 1963 Mercedes Benz 300 SE Cabriolet Convertible. This German-made classic is the ultimate driving-around-on-a-sunny-day-while-the-wind-blows-through-your-hair car. Because convertibles aren’t so great with rain. And because you have nice hair.