INFOGRAPHIC: Everything You Need to Know About TheTake

It’s time for TheTake to up its game.

That means rolling up our sleeves, raising a little cash & hiring talented film-buffs to watch more movies.

What that means for you: more sexy products, more stunning locations and, most importantly, more articles with a safe word.

To celebrate, here’s an infographic with a By the Numbers look at TheTake.

Because spraying champagne through a laptop is pretty hard.

Embed this Infographic on your website. (All images from The Noun Project.)

Here are some highlights:

2,581: That’s how many pairs of Louboutin heels TheTake could buy with their first round of funding.

Nike: This is the hottest brand on TheTake to-date.

$783 Million: The total value of products on TheTake’s website.

4 Blocks: That’s the distance between TheTake headquarters and the closest movie location to TheTake office.  If you’re at Isola from The Other Woman then pop over for a coffee.