SUMMER LOVIN: 10 Things You Cared About this Summer

The Movies of Summer 2015. There were blockbusters, flops and A-listers riding on the outside of airplanes.  But, before it comes to a close we’re highlighting the 10 things that mattered to you. 

Bad news: Summer is riding off into the sunset.

Good news: . . .

Actually, lets just wallow in our post-summer sadness. And talk about how amazing it was. Like the Summer villa you found. The spy glasses you got. And all the bikini R&D you conducted.

F-it. Let’s rank the top 10 things from film you cared about this summer. So, here you go.

#1 The Kingsman Glasses are still the #1 Product

Kingsman glasses

#2 But Ethan Hunt’s Shades Were a Close Second


#3 You’re a Fan of Con-Artists in a Two-Piece


#4 You Liked Ranking the 15 Most Important Bikinis from Film

Bikinis in Movies

#5 Jurassic World. Dinosaurs. And this Henley Got Your Attention.


#6 You Found 25 Summer Homes All Around the Globe

Movie Film Locations Around the World

#7 You’re Excited for Suicide Squad (50M+ Views and Counting)


#8 Your Asked for The Dude. And You Got The Dude.

The Dude The Big Lebowski

#9 You Prefer John Wick’s Mustang Over Any Other Ride


#10 Amy’s Trainwreck (and Style Tips) Won You Over


#BONUS Your Guilt Pleasure = Grease