AKA STYLE GUIDE: Top 10 Products in Jessica Jones (and a Look Inside Her Liquor Cabinet)

Marvel’s newest addition to their Super Hero Line-Up doesn’t mess around with capes or spandex.  She’s all about leather jackets, blue jeans and, well, the nearest bottle of whiskey she can grab.  Here are the Top 10 Products in Jessica Jones.

You guys know Jessica Jones.

Super strong.  Great at jumping.  An ace P.I.

Locked into an eternal battle with the Mind Controlling Purple Man.

Yeah, that’s her.  She may not have a super hero costume, but she definitely has a memorable look.

From the leather jackets to the infinity scarves, here are the Top 10 Products in Jessica Jones.


10. Take Your Scarf-Game to Infinity and Beyond

Jessica Jones Scarf

The Product: Eugenia Kim Lane Knit Infinity Scarf
Worn by: Jessica Jones


9. A Flashy Red Coat for the Sidekick

Jessica Jones Trish Red Coat

The Product: Burberry Check Detail Showerproof Trench Coat
Worn By: Trish Walker


8. A Bag for those Sleepovers at Luke Cage’s Apartment

Jessica Jones Bag

The Product: Rothco Large Pilot Messenger Bag
Worn By: Jessica Jones


7. The Perfect Blouse for a Radio Show Host

Jessica Jones Trish Blouse

The Product: Hautie Hippie Ikat Blouse
Worn By: Trish Walker


6. Jeans That Can Take a Beating (And Give One Out Too)

Jessica Jones Jeans

The Product: Citizens of Humanity Slim Boyfriend Jeans
Worn By: Jessica Jones


5. A Dress That’ll Get Your Boss’s Attention

Jessica Jones Pam Dress

The Product: Diane Von Furstenberg Short-Sleeve Printed Tie Dress
Worn By: Pam


4. Boots That’ll Always Look Great (On Some Guy’s Face)

Jessica Jones Boots

The Product: Sofft Acasia Buckle Strap Zipper Fashion Boot
Worn By: Jessica Jones


3. A Coat That Can Stop Traffic (But Not a Bullet)

Jessica Jones Coat

The Product: Andrew Marc Leather Trim Hooded Coat
Worn By: Jessica Jones


2. An Indestructible Motorcycle for an Indestructible Man

Luke Cage Motorcycle

The Product: Harley-Davidson FXDB DYNA Street Bob Motorcycle
Driven By: Luke Cage


1. A Bad-Ass Leather Jacket for the Super Hero Who Finds Iron Man’s Suit Too Passé

Jessica Jones Leather Jacket

The Product: ACNE Studios Mape Leather Jacket
Worn By: Jessica Jones


BONUS: A Peak Into Jessica Jones’s Liquor Cabinet

Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey

Jessica Jones Whiskey

Teacher’s Highland Cream Whiskey

Jessica Jones Whiskey

Windsor Supreme Canadian Whiskey

Jessica Jones Whiskey

Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey

Jessica Jones Whiskey

Maker’s Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Jessica Jones Whiskey