CLAWS OUT: The Top 5 Wolverine Moments in the X-Men Series (in GIFs)

Before Logan puts away his claws for good, we’re celebrating the top 5 Wolverine moments in the X-Men series.

After 17 years of kicking ass and calling people “bub,” The Wolverine is finally putting away his claws.

For good.

We’re a little emotional about it.

To help bid our favorite mutant a fond farewell, we’ve selected the Top 5 Wolverine Moments from the X-Men series.  Here are the 5 GIFs you need to see before watching Wolverine’s final appearance in Logan.

1.The Claws First Come Out

The Movie: X-Men (2000)
The Scene: The moment fans have been waiting for since his first comic book appearance in 1974: Wolverine finally reveals his claws in a movie for the first time ever, and it is perfect.  The leather jacket, the cigar, the attitude…it all works and instantly proves that Hugh Jackman is the right man for the part (and would continue to be for nearly two decades).

2. The Mansion Attack

The Movie: X2: X-Men United (2003)
The Scene: Wolverine got some good moments in his first outing, but it wasn’t until the sequel that the lovably angry mutant was finally able to cut loose…and by cut loose we mean he goes full rage-mode on a squad of soldiers when they launch a night attack on the X-Mansion.  Logan may not be the best professor at Xavior’s School for Gifted Youngsters, but he’ll definitely go the farthest when it comes to protecting his students, and that’s got to be worth at least a B+ on Rate My Professor, right?

3. Anyone Got a Light?

The Movie: X-Men 3: The Last Stand (2006)
The Scene: Okay maybe we’d knock Wolverine down to a B- on Rate My Professor, because he does prioritize lighting his cigar over teaching his students leadership skills during training simulations.  (Which reminds us, we have a lot of questions about this scene: Is the cigar real, or part of the Danger Room simulation? What about the fire? The nicotine? Explain yourself, Brett Ratner!)

4. Wolverine Makes a Friend

The Movie: X2: X-Men United (2003)
The Scene: Look, we love when Wolverine slashes and stabs people and drinks beer and says “bub,” but you have to show that your heroes have a soft side too.  Which is why we’re pretty smitten over this scene where Wolverine threatens a cat with his intimating adamantium claws…and the cat is less than impressed.  Classic.

5. Samurai Showdown

The Movie: The Wolverine (2013)
The Scene: Another sequence straight out of every comic geek’s fantasy sees Wolverine facing off in a claws vs. sword showdown with a samurai in Japan.  What’s so great about this fight is that Wolverine isn’t even the better fighter.  He’s just a crazy relentless (and, credit where credit’s due, crazy ripped) brawler who will keep coming at you no matter how many times you hit him. Don’t piss off The Wolverine.

BONUS: Deadpool Needs Some Help

The Movie: Deadpool (2016)
The Scene: Okay so it’s not technically a Wolverine scene, but c’mon – it deserves to be included.  Deadpool going through the entire climax of his own movie with Hugh Jackman’s face stapled (stapled!) under his mask is amazing, and also displays how integral Wolverine is to the X-Men universe.  Even when he isn’t even in the movie, his presence is felt.

You will be missed.  Stay gold, Wolverine.