ACTOR STATS: A Breakdown of 8 Actors Trending Right Now

Introducing the first official Actor Stats Report by TheTake. We’re breaking down the most volatile actors with our actor stats tool. It’s their rise to Oscar stature or their fall to, well, Scary Movie 5. We’re not here to judge. We’re here to show who’s trending up or down. (Okay, and judge a little bit.)

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprioTHE LEADER – 
Leonardo DiCaprio
The Stats: 7.3 IMDb Avg, +1.78 IMDb Trend
The High: Inception
The Low: Don’s Plum
How It’s Done: It’s easy. Suits. Simply put Mr. DiCaprio in a handsome suit, stand back and let the dapper protagonist take over – with or without ludes.

Christian Bale Christian BaleTHE GOLD STANDARD – Christian Bale
The Stats: 7.2 IMDb Avg, +0.94 IMDb Trend
The High: The Dark Knight
The Low: Shaft
How It’s Done: Wall Street psychos, superheroes or extremely skinny factory workers.  Basically, by playing any character with a secret to hide (or a Bat-signal.)

Amy AdamsAmy AdamsBLOWING UP – Amy Adams
The Stats: 6.6 IMDb Avg, +1.77 IMDb Trend
The High: Back Beyond
The Low: Cruel Intentions 2
How It’s Done: She has beautiful red hair. She has outstanding co-stars like Christian Bale. She has amazing fake crying skills.

Jared LetoJared LetoHOT. REAL HOT. – Jared Leto
The Stats: 6.7 IMDb Avg, +2.06 IMDb Trend
The High: Dallas Buyers Club
The Low: Cool and the Crazy
How It’s Done: Put him in a scene with McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club), Bale (American Psycho) or a short cut dress.  He does it all.

Kate WinsletKate WinsletMISS CONSISTENT – Kate Winslet
The Stats: 6.9 IMDb Avg, 0 IMDb Trend
The High: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
The Low: Movie 43
How It’s Done: Three truths: death, taxes and Kate Winslet doesn’t take on characters in bad movies. We’ll ignore Movie 43 because her IMDb trend is zero.

Selena GomezSelena GomezTHE WILD CARD – Selena Gomez
The Stats: 6.3 IMDb Avg, +0.53 IMDb Trend
The High: Rudderless
The Low: Spring Breakers
How Will This Go: This Disney star could end up like a couple other child celebs. The good: Natalie Portman. The bad: Lindsay Lohan. If she gets a mugshot then we know.

Cuba Gooding JrCuba Gooding JrSEEN BETTER DAYS – Cuba Gooding Jr.
The Stats: 5.9 IMDb Avg, -1.4 IMDb Trend
The High: Jerry Maguire
The Low: Daddy Day Camp
How to Turn it Around: 3 words: Jerry Maguire II. Rod Tidwell, an obnoxious Twitter handle and a steroid accusation.  We’ll even toss in a Richard Sherman cameo.

Lindsay LohanLindsay LohanROCK BOTTOM – Lindsay Lohan
The Stats: 5.3 IMDb Avg, -1.78 IMDb Trend
The High: Mean Girls
The Low: Scary Movie 5
How to Turn it Around: Step 1: Stay out of the headlines. Step 2: Take a role in any movie Tina Fey wrote. Step 3: Avoid courtrooms.

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