#TBT In Preparation for the Super Bowl, Here’s a Varsity Blues Clip

It’s Thursday and you’re busy. We get it. Nobel prizes don’t win themselves.  But you need a break. Preferably in the form of a short movie clip. But who’s got time to sift through all the clutter to find a good one? Oh, that’s right, it’s us. We’ve got the time. So sit back, relax and let your day get a few minutes better.

THE MOVIE: Varsity Blues (1999)
“I love that dog.” – Billy Bob
“It’s a pig.” – Johnny Moxon
“Yeah,” – Billy Bob
WHAT TO WATCH FOR: Billy Bob’s cowboy hat, pig and Aunt Jemina syrup. Mox’s choker necklace. Lance Harbor’s massive billboard in his lawn. But, sadly, no whip cream bikini scene.