GOOD TIMES: Seven Giftable Men’s Watches from Film

Used to be, telling time meant more than just looking at your phone.

It was all about the watch, a personal, statement-making wrist adornment that was both handsome and functional. And it’s an accessory you’ll still find on many of Hollywood’s leading men.

So if you’d like to spruce up the wrist of a special someone this holiday, check below for the best timepieces seen on film.


interstellar watch  hamilton#1
The Movie: Interstellar
Seen On: Cooper played by Matthew McConaughey
The Watch: Hamilton Pilot Day Date. If you’re going to save the world, you need a good watch. So when the time comes, try wearing this dapper number. With its stainless steel band, black face and classic aviator design, it looks like an astronaut feels. Probably.
Nightcrawler watch#2
The Movie: Nightcrawler
Seen On: Louis Bloom played by Jake Gyllenhaal
The Watch: Breitling Chronomat. This watch keeps time with the best of them while being all sleek and silver. It’s a neutral, versatile option for pairing with a dark suit, a crisp shirt or whatever one wears to a crime scen
The Wolf of Wall Street Tag Heuer#3
The Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street
Seen On: Jordan Belfort played by Leonardo DiCaprio
The Watch: Tag Heuer Series 1000. With its 18 karat gold band and black face, this retro Tag is a real statement piece. It’s also an expensive prop for your next ‘80s party.
Crazy Stupid Love Vintage Rolex#4 
The Movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love
Seen On: Jacob Palmer played by Ryan Gosling
The Watch: 1946 Bubbleback Oyster Perpetual Chronometer. It’s easy to be a ladies’ man when your wrist nonchalantly declares, “Hello, this is my vintage self-winding Rolex. It’s classy, it’s elegant and it gives you the assumption that I come from money.” Being Ryan Gosling probably doesn’t hurt, either.
Hamilton Watch A Good Day to Die Hard#5
The Movie: A Good Day to Die Hard
Seen On: John McClane played by Bruce Willis
The Watch: Hamilton Men’s Jazzmaster Viewmatic. The brown leather band, stainless steel bezel and black face combine to form one handsome watch. It’s stylish enough to complement a nice suit but versatile enough to dress down with jeans and rolled up sleeves. Or, as a third option, go the bloody t-shirt route like Bruce Willis.
The November Man Lorus Watch#6
The Movie: The November Man
Seen On: Peter Devereaux played by Pierce Brosnan
The Watch: Lorus Chronograph 50M YM92-X156. Yeah, it sounds like a wireless password, but it’s actually a durable, green-banded timekeeper that falls under the Seiko umbrella.
The American Omega Watch#7
The Movie: The American
Seen On: Jack played by George Clooney
The Watch: Omega Speedmaster Chronograph Dial. Omega. Clooney. If those two words aren’t enough then go ahead and do a deep dive into the history and quality behind the Speedmaster Chronograph Dial Watch.