TAX MAN: What You Should Really Do with Your Tax Refund

The tax man is coming.

And he’s bringing you a big, fat check. (You remembered to write off your Shaggin Wagon, right?)

This means you’ll need some advice on how to spend that generous refund.  As your, ahem, trustworthy financial advisor, we’ve listed some cinematic spending options below.

$18 Will Get You a 100 Bill Around Your Neck

Get Hard Necklace
Necklace: Love Melrose 100 Dollar Bill Necklace, Movie: Get Hard

Tyler Durden’s “Sock it To Me” T-Shirt is Just 22 Bucks

Fight Club Sock it To Me Shirt
Shirt: Sock it to Me Print T-Shirt, Movie: Fight Club

A Nice Little Hand Ornament from Tiffany’s for $75K

The Great Gatsby Hand Ornament
Hand Ornament: Tiffany and Co, Movie: The Great Gatsby

$4K for the Hydro Jet Pack in ‘Self/Less’. (So Worth It.)

SelfLess Hydro JetPack
Product: Zapata Racing Hydro Jet Pack, Movie: Self/Less

For $225K Per Week, You Get Vinny’s Yacht with a Hot Tub

Entourage Yacht
Yacht: Delta Marine Usher Yacht, Movie: Entourage

$6.5M Will Get You the Penthouse in ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

The Wolf of Wall Street Penthouse
Penthouse: The Milan, Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street