HARD TIMES: The Top 5 Things in ‘Get Hard’ this Weekend

You’re familiar with buddy cop movies.

Well, Get Hard is like that, except it’s actually a buddy movie wherein a rich white collar criminal and an assumed real criminal team up to prepare the former for a stint in maximum security prison.

Sounds fun.

And since the main guys are played by Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, even better.

Now below, check out five of the best wearables you’ll find on screen.

Get Hard Shoes#1 Giuseppe Zanotti Blotchy Print Hi-Top Sapphire Sneaker
It takes a special person to pull these off. It’s debatable whether Will Ferrell is that special person. But either way, with a zip-up side and two metallic straps, these shoes are more for looking cool than running fast.
Get Hard Leopard Shirt#2 Trukfit Mob To The End Leopard Print Fleece Sweater
Here’s a real statement-maker of a soft fleece pullover. It’s like wearing a leopard, except much less stealthy.
Get Hard Hat#3 Trukfit Lil’ Wayne 2 Trucks Flat Brim Snapback Hat
More from Trukfit. This time, it’s an equally not-subtle hat. It’s black, it’s gold, and it’s got a big, stitched chain on the front, so your neck remains unencumbered.
Get Hard Nikes#4 Nike Air Jordan V 2 LTR Shoes
Kevin Hart wears these casual, low-top Jordans in the makeshift “yard,” where he teaches Will Ferrell the basics of prison survival. Remember, if all else fails, you can trade your shoes for cigarettes.
Get Hard Adidas Jacket#5 Adidas Originals Firebird Full-Zip Track Jacket
Here’s something a little more subtle. It’s the classic Adidas track jacket with the three-stripe arms and embroidered chest logo.